Check-It-Off Checklist App

Make unlimited checklists you can sort, filter, share and print.

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Use the Check-It-Off Checklist App to create grocery shopping checklists, travel/vacation checklists, moving checklists, camping/backpacking checklists, housecleaning checklists, and anything else you need to list and check off.

Free Features

Named checklists - Add as many checklists as you need, each with its own unique name
Checklist items - Add and remove as many items as you need
Edit a checklist name or item by tapping on its text
Set dates and times for notification of important events
Sort the checklist by text and/or numbers, in ascending or descending order, or sort by date
Filter the checklist to show all items, or just checked or unchecked items
Print preview - See how the printed checklist will look
Display settings - Change list text size to small, medium or large
Page format settings - Change the printable list's borders, text size, font family and the date/time footer

Plus for $0.99/month

• Add and check items by speech recognition, text scan and barcode scan
• Tell the app to read your checklists out loud, in any language installed on your device
Share checklists in an instant message or email
Print checklists to a wireless printer

Try these subscription-only capabilities for free with a 24-hour trial period after installation.

The basic version of the Check-It-Off Checklist App is free, works on both smartphones and tablets, and contains no advertisements.

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Download the app on Google Play:
Check-It-Off Checklist App

Version 2.11.0
– Add a new checklist item to the top of the checklist
– For date sorting, sort checklist items with dates ahead of items without dates
Version 2.10.0
– Added setting for text size small/medium/large, with default medium
– Initialize the date/time picker with pre-selected values
– Cancel a checklist item's pending notification when item is deleted
– Added vertical scrollbar to list of checklists and checklists
– Internal code improvements
Version 2.9.0
– Set dates and times for notification of important events
– Show visible scrollbars on long lists
– Moved "Show" and "Sort" options into a new pop-up dialog
– Internal code improvements
Version 2.8.0
– New sort button for the list of checklists
– Internal code improvements
Version 2.7.0
– Save the order of items in the lists
– Fixed a bug handling text and barcode scans
– Internal code improvements and error handling
Version 2.6.0
– Use settings to select read-out-loud voice and language
– Improved interaction with editable row text
– Improved margins around alert dialog buttons
– Improved descriptions of subscription capabilities on Quick Guide screen
– Internal code improvements and error handling
Version 2.5.0
– Added text-to-speech for reading the checklist items out loud
– Added settings for text-to-speech voice pitch and speech rate
– Added SHOW UNCHECKED option to the checklist filter
– Changed settings icon from wrench to gear
– Moved SHARE and PRINT PREVIEW buttons to bottom row
– Added background color to dialog buttons
– Internal code improvements
Version 2.4.0
– Renamed the mobile application
– Add unlimited checklists without a subscription
– Start subscription settings screen from quick guide screen
– Lower the soft keyboard on application button clicks
– Internal code improvements
Version 2.3.0
– Add checklist items by speech-to-text input
– Upgraded Android framework software for performance and security
– Internal code improvements and bug fixes
Version 2.2.0
– Added Quick Guide screen accessed from toolbar icon
– Internal internal code improvements
Version 2.1.1
– Added copy of Apache License 2.0 and reference in the About App screen
Version 2.1.0
– Moved the Share button to the detail list button row
– Other internal internal code improvements and error handling
Version 2.0.0
– Enabled multiple checklists, accessed from a master list of checklist titles
– Redisplay master and detail lists after device rotation
Version 1.6.0
– Added alternating ascending/descending sort
Version 1.5.0
– Added text recognition to add list items
– Added barcode scanning to add list items
– Added trial period for subscription-only capabilities
Version 1.4.0
– Added sharing of checklists as text messages
Version 1.3.0
– Use page format settings to update the look of the printed list
Version 1.2.1
– Improved checkbox display in the print preview
– Improved how detail items are read from the database
– Improved error handling and error message display
Version 1.2.0
– Enabled printing with in-app subscription
– Added print preview and settings screens
Version 1.0.0
– Initial published version

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