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Find ethnic cuisine from around the world in Las Vegas.

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Looking for new places to eat in Las Vegas, Nevada?

Las Vegas and its close neighbor Henderson have many great restaurants serving dishes from around the world:
• More than 100 full-service Italian and Mexican restaurants
• More than 100 full-service and fast-service Chinese restaurants
• More than 85 full-service and fast-service Japanese restaurants
• More than 60 full-service and fast-service Thai restaurants
• More than 20 full-service Indian restaurants and Brazilian steakhouses

Restaurant information

List of restaurants with street addresses, distance to your location and descriptions (including hotels and shopping centers)
Sort by restaurant name
Sort by distance to your location - find "restaurants near me" and the "closest restaurant to me"
Favorite restaurants - Mark and save your favorites
Filter the list by your favorites
Go to the web site of any restaurant, hotel and shopping center
Call by telephone directly from the app
Get driving directions to any restaurant, plus walking directions to restaurants on the Las Vegas Strip and downtown Las Vegas
Speak out loud - The app speaks the names of the restaurant, hotel or shopping center, plus the street address
Share the restaurant name and address in an instant message or email
Search for restaurants, hotels and shopping centers by name, type and location
• Enter search words by speech recognition or by typing in the keyboard

Interactive map

Find any restaurant on the in-app map
Find your location in relation to the restaurant
Change map type - Use map settings to show geometric (normal) view, satellite image view (useful for finding parking lots and buildings) and terrain view
Show marker types - Use map settings to select which markers to display (just the restaurant selected from the list, all restaurants, favorites or search results)
Show marker groups - Use map settings to show hotels and shopping centers with world restaurants

Search examples

• To find Italian restaurants, use the speech recognizer or keyboard to submit the word "italian"
• To find Chinese restaurants, use the search tool to submit the word "chinese"
• To find restaurants in downtown Las Vegas, search for "downtown" or "fremont"
• To find restaurants in a specific hotel, search by hotel name; for example, try "venetian"or "bellagio"

The Las Vegas World Restaurants app works on both smartphones and tablets, and contains banner ads. Privacy Policy

Screenshots on Smartphone and Tablet

Download the app on Google Play: Las Vegas World Restaurants

– Added four new restaurants; removed two closed restaurants
– Update website links for restaurants and hotels
– Changed list icon for shopping centers
– Added text-to-speech and distance-units settings
– Internal code improvements and bug fixes
– Added four new Italian and four new Asian restaurants
– Removed six restaurants that closed or no longer have web sites
– Updated restaurant and hotel names and web site links
– Added "last updated" information to About App screen
– Fixed a bug showing the search query in search status bar
– Fixed a bug showing the map marker for a hotel selected from the list
– Added speak-out-loud names and street addresses
– Changed search-by-voice icon to microphone icon
– Improved location retrieval and map handling
– "Sort by Distance" button can request access to user location
– Internal code improvements and bug fixes
– Open web sites in external browser only
– Updated web site links of restaurants and hotels
– Share restaurant names and addresses from the detail lists
– Improved internal error handling
– Added search-by-voice with speech recognition
– Added Close button to the map settings dialog
– Updated Android support libraries for performance and security
– Added internal code improvements
– Enabled setting favorites from detail list
– Improved how marker layers are toggled by map settings
– Improved search results display in the search status bar
– Added error handling for invalid location coordinates
– Fixed a bug showing web sites inside in-app browser
– Added marker layers for hotels and shopping malls
– Open web sites inside in-app browser
– Improved readability of hotel and shopping mall names
– Fixed a bug showing map/list/website screens on tablet
– Internal code changes for generating screenshots
– Click map marker info windows to show web sites
– Added 86 fast-service and full-service Japanese restaurants
– Added 10 Chinese, 1 Italian and 1 Mexican restaurant
– Improved search interface and capability
– Added Chinese fast-service and full-service restaurants
– Fixed a bug when showing distance info on the master list
– Improved search algorithm and results display
– Improved advertisement display
– Internal code improvements
– Internal code improvements
– Added Thai restaurants, plus more Italian and Indian restaurants
– Mark, unmark and filter the master list by favorites
– Show map markers by type: selected place, all places, favorites or search results
– Internal code improvements
– Use the MapSettings dialog to change the map display type
– Internal code improvements
– Initial published version with Italian, Mexican, Indian and Brazilian restaurants

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