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If you're going to build a new mobile game or app, what should it be?

Hi, my name is Daniel Salas and I'm the developer of MathTA.com and Fraction Ninja. Having taken those two projects to a decent level of capability, I thought about other projects to work on.

How about a 3D jousting game? Seemed like a good idea until I discovered Rival Knights. Looks like a tough one to beat.

How about a mobile app for building an inventory of your books? That would be great if you could scan in the ISBN numbers and keep track of where they are, how much they're worth and which ones you loan to friends.

Searching for book inventory apps at the Google Play Store, I found plenty of decent options. Was there room in the market for another app? What features should it have? Reviewing the apps one at a time was tedious. How could I get all the information I wanted on one page?

Update 3Q2016

Here are the available apps for which I did 100% of the design and development:

And the app for which I did most (95%) of the design and development, up to Version 2.0:

Update 4Q2017

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