Android List with ArrayAdapter Code Generator

Quickly and easily generate an Android Studio project with a ListView populated by an ArrayAdapter using custom array values.

Generate a complete Android Studio project containing all the source code you need to build and run a mobile application.

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The generated zip file includes:

  • Source code - Java classes, XML layouts and resource files for:
    • A full-screen ListActivity containing a built-in ListView, with event handling to notify users which list items were clicked
    • A String array populated with custom values
    • An android.widget.ArrayAdapter to load the display values from the String array into the ListView
  • Material design - Customized primary and accent colors; customized text and icon colors in the Toolbar (if applicable)
  • Support files - Android manifest, launcher icon and gradle files

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Project Information

Project Name:
Package Name:

App and Activity Information

Application Name:
Main Activity Name:
Main Activity Title:
List Container:
Full-screen ListActivity

Material Design Information

Activity Theme:
Material Primary Color:
Material Accent Color:
Material Color Preview:

List Items

List Item Text:

(one list item per line)

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– Replaced the GNU General Public License with a new End User License Agreement
– Initial release


As of Version 2.0 of all mobile application templates, the GNU General Public License has been retired in favor of an End User License Agreement (EULA) that more accurately reflects the nature of proprietary software that is available by subscription.

In summary, the EULA grants Licensees ownership of and permission to use and sell all End Products generated from the downloaded Software, but you are restricted from re-distributing or reselling the Software itself, except as packaged in the End Products as needed to make them functional.

Please read the EULA in full. A copy is included in each generated Android Studio project, and referenced in the comment header of each Java source file. The retired GNU General Public License is archived here for your reference.

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