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Quickly and easily generate an Android Studio project with a Navigation Drawer application, Material design Toolbar, and optional Tabbed and MapView Activities.

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The generated zip file includes:

  • Source code - Java classes, XML layouts and resource files for:
    • "Hello World" and Tabbed Activities, each with its own Fragment
    • Optional Map Activity containing a MapView Fragment, with a marker and camera panned/zoomed to a configured geographic location
    • An application controller to handle click events, handle application events, and start the Activities
    • Optional Search icon opens a SearchView in the Toolbar and submits the query to a Search Activity (you will have to add the search algorithm and code to display the results)
    • Optional Preference icon that starts a PreferenceActivity with placeholder preference groups and values
    • Optional "About App" icon shows a screen with the application name, version name, custom text or HTML, and/or buttons to "Call Us" and "Email Us"
    • Sliding Navigation Drawers with customized header color in all Activities (not including the optional Search Activity and Preference Activity)
  • Material design - Customized primary and accent colors; customized text and icon colors in the Toolbar
  • Support files - Android manifest, launcher icon and gradle files

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Project Information

Project Name:
Package Name:

App and Activity Information

Application Name:
Main Activity Name:
Main Activity Title:
Main Activity Type:

Toolbar Icons

Opens a SearchView input control and submits the query to a Search Activity.
Starts a custom PreferenceActivity with two placeholder preference groups and two preferences per group.
  About App
Shows the "About App" screen with display information, extra HTML and/or buttons selected below.
App Name
Version Name
Extra HTML:
"Call Us" Button for
"Email Us" Button for

Theme and Colors

Activity Theme:
Drawer Header Color:
Material Primary Color:
Material Accent Color:
Material Color Preview:

(Device status bar across the top, nav drawer on the left, toolbar on the upper right, and accented button on the lower right.)

Map and Marker Information

Google Map
API Key:

(editable only on HTTPS)
Place Map Marker:
Marker Title:
Marker Location:

(If needed see Get the coordinates of a place)

Navigation Drawer Items

Item Title
Activity to Start
Activity Type

Application Events

Method Name
Activity to Start
Activity Type

– Removed redundant class casts
v2.0+ Toggle Version 2.0+ Rows
  • Improved location retrieval and map handling
  • Refactored SoftKeyboardHelper to use Context not Activity
  • Upgraded the generated build files per Migrate to Android Plugin for Gradle 3.0.0
    • Referenced Google repository in project build.gradle
    • Removed deprecated buildToolsVersion from module build.gradle
    • Raised compileSdkVersion and targetSdkVersion to 27
    • Raised versions of SDK Tools Support libraries to 27.1.1
    • Referenced SDK Tools Play Services libraries at version 15.0.1
    • Changed "compile" dependency keyword to "implementation"
    • Changed "testCompile" dependency keyword to "testImplementation"
  • Fixed compiler errors in code shared with other generators
  • Moved the "Email Us" email address from Java code to the Button XML
  • Tabbed fragment can send metadata to selected fragment
  • Removed the copyright and license references from the comment headers of generated Java classes
  • MapHandler can manage and display collections of map markers
  • Added error handling when moving the camera on the Google Map
  • On request, MapHandler changes the map type (examples: geometric, satellite, terrain)
  • On request, MapHandler provides a reference to its GoogleMap
  • Enabled phone call and email from a web page and custom WebViewClient
v1.0+ Toggle Version 1.0+ Rows
  • Show the map compass when the map is rotated
  • Show the map toolbar when a map marker is clicked
  • Use helper classes to initialize the Toolbar and SearchViews
  • Launch the "About App" screen from a toolbar icon (not a nav drawer item)
  • Store the "About App" screen's extra HTML in an assets file
  • Fixed a bug generating the DynamicPageAdapter
  • Added missing color for the WebView background
  • Request Internet permission in the manifest only if the app needs it
  • Added optional phone and email buttons to the "About App" Fragment
  • Added optional "About App" Fragment
  • Added optional Map Activity with MapView Fragment and marker
  • Converted to android.widget.SearchView
  • Added optional Search icon and SearchView in Toolbar
  • Activities share the same navigation drawer header and menu
  • Added optional Preferences icon in Toolbar
  • Save the application name (not project name) to strings.xml
  • Reference the application name in the navigation drawer header
  • Initial release plus enhancements through January 2017


As of Version 2.0 of all mobile application templates, the GNU General Public License has been retired in favor of an End User License Agreement (EULA) that more accurately reflects the nature of proprietary software that is available by subscription.

In summary, the EULA grants Licensees ownership of and permission to use and sell all End Products generated from the downloaded Software, but you are restricted from re-distributing or reselling the Software itself, except as packaged in the End Products as needed to make them functional.

Please read the EULA in full. A copy is included in each generated Android Studio project, and referenced in the comment header of each Java source file. The retired GNU General Public License is archived here for your reference.

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