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Generate, download and import a complete Android Studio project with a Toolbar search box and SearchView for local content.

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The generated zip file includes:

  • Source code - Java classes and XML layouts for:
    • Query Activity and Fragment with SearchViews in the Toolbar and Fragment content
    • Containers for in-memory values retrieved from strings.xml
    • Search Activity and Fragment to receive the query, initiate the search capability, and display results (in descending order of relevance) in a ListView
    • AsynchronousTask and StringMatcher classes to run the query against text from strings.xml and build the results collection
  • Material design - Customized primary and accent colors
  • Support files - Android manifest, launcher icon and gradle files

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Here are screenshots from a Samsung Galaxy S6. The generated app lists all the design patterns from the classic book Android Design Patterns: Interaction Design Solutions for Developers .

1. The app starts with the main screen showing a SearchView in the Toolbar, a SearchView in the content area, and a brief introduction.

2. You can enter search words in the Toolbar's SearchView:

3. Or you can enter search words in the content SearchView:

4. After you hit the magnifying glass icon, the app goes to the Search Results screen, showing a list of search results in descending order of relevance:

Project Information

Project Name:
Package Name:

Activity Information

Main Activity Name:
Main Activity Title:
Search Activity Name:
Search Activity Title:
Search Hint:

Material Design Colors

Material Primary Color:
Material Accent Color:
Material Color Preview:

Search Algorithm Information

Set a weighted score for each type of search. Scores are calculated and
summed to rank each search group for the final search results. For details
see Generate an Android Toolbar SearchView for Local Content

Score For Matching Phrase:
Score For Each Contained Phrase:
Score For Each Contained Word:
Minimum Search Score:

Search Group Information

  • Improved location retrieval and map handling
  • Refactored SoftKeyboardHelper to use Context not Activity
  • Upgraded the generated build files per Migrate to Android Plugin for Gradle 3.0.0
    • Referenced Google repository in project build.gradle
    • Removed deprecated buildToolsVersion from module build.gradle
    • Raised compileSdkVersion and targetSdkVersion to 27
    • Raised versions of SDK Tools Support libraries to 27.1.1
    • Changed "compile" dependency keyword to "implementation"
    • Changed "testCompile" dependency keyword to "testImplementation"
  • Fixed compiler errors in code shared with other generators
  • Improved search algorithm for multiple query words
  • Moved multipliers and scoring integers to integers.xml
  • Set a minimum non-zero text matching score for a search group to be included in search results
  • Replaced with android.widget.SearchView
  • Extracted SearchResolver class from QueryResolverTask so the task can be more generic and re-usable in different templates
  • Refactored the class QueryResolver and interface SearchResultsReceiver to be more generic and re-usable in different templates
  • Renamed the class ActivityHelper to SearchViewHelper
  • Initial release plus enhancements through January 2017


As of Version 2.0 of all mobile application templates, the GNU General Public License has been retired in favor of an End User License Agreement (EULA) that more accurately reflects the nature of proprietary software that is available by subscription.

In summary, the EULA grants Licensees ownership of and permission to use and sell all End Products generated from the downloaded Software, but you are restricted from re-distributing or reselling the Software itself, except as packaged in the End Products as needed to make them functional.

Please read the EULA in full. A copy is included in each generated Android Studio project, and referenced in the comment header of each Java source file. The retired GNU General Public License is archived here for your reference.

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